Hans again

SRM and I had lunch at Han’s again this week. Seems like ages since we’ve eaten lunch together, let alone at Han’s. We’ve just been so busy.

SRM had the squid pepper rice (AU$9.45 – rice dish prices have gone up!). He said it was only so-so this time.

Squid pepper rice

For the sake of a new photo, I tried a dish I’ve never had before – the banh canh noodle soup (AU$8.95), described on the menu as “Vietnamese fresh noodles in soup with chicken and seafood”. It was OK – lots of chicken, small prawns and squid, with a few thin slices of fish cake, in the usual broth, with bean sprouts hidden at the bottom. I’d never eaten this variety of noodles before – I definitely prefer thinner noodles. But the perpetual-child-gross-out part of me secretly loved the thought of eating “earthworms”. :)

Banh Canh noodle soup

On Friday I had chilli chicken and rice (AU$9.45), takeaway. It was good, but yeah, I think I’ve reached my Han’s limit, at least for a while.

Chilli chicken rice

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