Hot and cold

It is so disgustingly hot. The fan blowing behind me is just moving the hot air around. The cats are just flopped on the floor. They haven’t even asked for their dinner, which is a sign of how hot they are. We don’t have air-conditioning, so it’s been hard to fall asleep at night. I’ve been going to bed with a cold wet towelette wrapped around my neck to cool me down. It’s too hot for Pixel to snuggle up between my knees – she’s now sleeping on top of the wardrobe, which I guess is to her as far away from the sweaty hot humans as possible!

I was actually a little crook this weekend (I always seem to get sick on weekends! What a waste!) and when I wasn’t updating my blog I was on the couch sleeping, and when I wasn’t sleeping I was watching Magnum P.I. on DVD and coughing and blowing my nose. Who could’ve thought a head could produce so much um, extraneous slimy liquid? Heh. My head plumbing is terrible. When I could temporarily unblock my nose by blowing it, but then my ears would block up. My sense of taste came and went, depending on how blocked my nose was. It was blocked up for most of the weekend. Funny thing is, apart from these annoying symptoms I didn’t really feel that sick, and my appetite was pretty much as it always is (yes, voracious!).

Here was dinner on Sunday evening, a very simple meal of grilled chicken with salad. The chicken thighs were simply seasoned with pepper and garlic salt and placed under the grill. The salad vegies were sliced and assembled on the plate on a bed of freshly washed and spun lettuce leaves. Jac did blanch the cauliflower before laying it on the lettuce (I think she read my recent post about how I still find eating raw cauliflower strange, so it was sweet of her to address the issue just for me!). Looks delicious, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, as I began eating I realised my sense of taste had once again disappeared. I suppose there was one good thing about that – since I couldn’t taste anything, I decided to eat the meal without any sauce for the chicken (Jac ate hers with smokey barbecue sauce) and without any salad dressing (Jac had The Chilli Factory Mild Chilli Honey Mustard Dressing) – a few less calories for me.

Grilled chicken with salad

I still have a cough and a blocked up head/nose, but I’m getting better. I could taste my yummy lunches today and yesterday, and right now, Jac is frying up burgers for dinner, and I can smell them! It’s all good. If only it wasn’t so bloody hot.

I have a few recent emails from readers to reply to – I promise I will!

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