A big bite on Tuesday nite

At the end of the previous post, I mentioned that Jac was frying up burgers for dinner. We’d bought 100% beef patties from Woolies – the ingredients listed on the packaging were simply: beef mince. We made the burgers Whopper style, with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayonaise and tomato sauce. I guess what the missing component was flame grilled burger patties, but they still tasted really good, just plain old beefy! When I saw my burger (photo below) I said VERY excitedly: “Whooooah! Those patties are huge!” But then Jac told me to look closer – she’d fried up all 4 patties and put one and a half into each burger! The last remaining pattie she took to work the next day along with more salad, to have for lunch.


Here’s a photo of the burger innards. This is actually Jac’s burger. She cut her burger in half so it would be easier to handle and eat. I was content to persevere with my big handful/big mouthful. Mmmmmm.

Burger innards

Jac did offer to fry me an egg for my burger – I usually love a fried egg in a burger – but I was in the mood for a plain old beef burger this time. I am also quite partial to fried onions, all nice and brown and caramelised, and I love a “Hawaiian”-style burger, with bacon and pineapple, such as the Hawaiian Hickory Chicken Burger at the Hog’s Breath Cafe. Years ago Hungry Jack’s had a “Swiss”-style burger that I really liked, with swiss cheese and mushrooms. Which brings me to a wee burger quiz:

1. Describe your ideal burger. What sort of bun? What meat (or maybe not meat!)? What trimmings/fillings/sauce?
2. Pickles in a cheeseburger – yes or no? (I’m a proud and greedy YES!)
3. McDonald’s versus Burger King/Hungry Jack’s – who wins, and why? (If the answer is neither, feel free to suggest another place, any place!)
4. Any burger no-no’s? One such no-no I can think of was addressed by Jac via the one and a half beef patties per burger – I can’t stand it when the meat is significantly smaller than the bun. You know when you have to take a few bites before you even get to the meat? What sort of burger did you say this was? That’s not good at all!

Edit: When I worked at McDonald’s many years ago, I noticed many people picked the pickles out of the Cheeseburgers (they should’ve just ordered Juniorburgers, which were later renamed confusingly to Hamburgers). Not only that, they left the discarded pickles everywhere – on the floor, stuck to the wall, hanging off the edge/side of the bin, in the shrubbery in the car park, on the ground in the car park, etc. I guess people who hated pickles got some pleasure out of flinging them away or slapping them on a wall or pretending to plant pickle trees. Come on, confess! Are/were any of you pickle flingers? :)

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