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Thank you to everyone who left responses to the wee burger quiz from the previous post. If you haven’t read the comments for that post, you should – they are interesting and rather hungrifying themselves!

Monday: A toasted spinach wrap with chicken, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, pineapple and corn kernels from MYO.

Toasted spinach wrap with chicken, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, pineapple and corn kernels

Tuesday: A tandoori pizza wrap (AU$9.90) – tandoori chicken, spinach, tomato, red onion and minted yoghurt wrapped in a toasted pizza base – from Cafe Cafe. It was very bready but absolutely delicious – a brilliant combination of flavours, with the spicy tandoori chook, sweet yet savoury caramelised red onion and the minty yoghurt. As I was finishing this off (I ate everything on the plate you see below), I saw that the two ladies at the table next to mine had ordered the very same dish – and were ever so carefully cutting in half so they could share it. I felt like such a greedy pig after that. That’s nothing new. Heh.

Tandoori Pizza Wrap

Wednesday: It was S’ last week with us. She and I had our last lunch together at Toraya Sushi. We ordered two dishes each: one deep fried entree and one salad. S had the takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls, AU$4.00 for 3 pcs), which was served with barbecue sauce and a squidge of mayo. Look at the blob of mayo – can you see the Michelin Man?


She also had a cooked tuna salad (AU$6.00).

Cooked tuna salad

I had the crumbed calamari, served with chilli mayo (AU$4.00 for 3 pcs). The crumbed coating was a little thicker than I like, but so very fresh, hot and crunchy, a really pleasurable contrast with the tender squid inside.

Crumbed calamari

I also had a chicken salad (AU$6.00). Both our salads were very simple, but we really enjoyed them.

Chicken salad

On Thursday, I attended a full-day training course which included morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. I didn’t get the chance to take any photos though. Morning tea consisted of a selection of muffins (the usual suspects – apple, blueberry, chocolate etc), with tea and coffee. I was surprised, pleased and impressed – soy milk was supplied as well as cow’s milk. Lunch was sandwiches and fresh fruit. I had four little sangers: (1) curried egg, (2) hard boiled egg and lettuce, (3) cold roast chicken with sliced smoked chicken and lettuce (yep, two varieties of chicken in one sandwich!), and (4) chicken, mayo and lettuce. As for the fruit, I had about three slices of watermelon (seedless – yay!) and a couple of strawberries. Afternoon tea consisted of a selection of biscuits/cookies, coffee and tea, and the muffins left over from morning tea. It was such a distraction each time when the food/drink trolley was wheeled into the training room, all loaded with goodies.

Friday: I got caught up at work and didn’t get to MYO until fairly late – around 1:40pm, and there were only three wraps left. Lucky! I made myself another toasted spinach wrap, with chicken, mushrooms, corn, sundried tomatoes, and cos lettuce from MYO. I gave it an Italian flavour with the inclusion of napolitana sauce. Hmmm, the wraps this week look a little empty, don’t they? Maybe I wasn’t as hungry as usual when assembling them.

Spinach wrap with chicken, mushrooms, corn, sundried tomatoes, cos lettuce and napolitana sauce

This is the first of eight or so posts this weekend. Jac is going away for a week, catching a flight to Brisbane early tomorrow morning. I’ll write more about it tomorrow.

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