Saturday morning Japanese food

Japanese food from Nagano Sushi, enjoyed at Carousel Shopping Centre’s food hall yesterday.

Jac had a craving for chicken karaage with BBQ sauce and mayo. She ate two pieces and left me the biggest one. :)

Chicken karaage, BBQ sauce, mayo

I had a rare (for me!) sushi craving, and got myself a pack of chicken roll. I never need the soy sauce when eating sushi with teriyaki chicken in it – the chicken has enough salt/flavour for me.

Chicken roll sushi>

The chicken sushi didn’t seem like enough food for hungry me, so I got a pack of inari sushi as well.

Inari sushi/div>

The tofu skin pillows were nicely sealed. Jac’s not a fan of inari, so I had them all to myself. That marinated tofu skin was so juicy!

Nicely sealed

As we ate, I contemplated a choice I’ve been grappling with for a few weeks now: wii or Nintendo DS Lite?
I haven’t actively played video games since the 2002; I gave up Gameboy in 2003 so I could focus on my Honours studies, and somehow didn’t go back to gaming. Part of me is quite happy not to game; I’ve probably saved a lot of money not buying games. But lately I’ve been thinking about it again. I suppose if you’re a gamer at heart…
There are a few pros and cons for either console I can think of right away.
The wii would be great for Jac and I – she’s expressed some interest in playing the sports games.
The DS would be great for me to play on the train on my way to/from work.
I can get Cooking Mama for both consoles.
Guitar Hero would be great fun on the wii.
I’d love to get Pokemon on the DS. Haven’t played since the days of Red/Blue/Yellow, but that was my favourite game for a long time.
The Sims (variations of) are available on both.
I probably won’t be able to make my mind up, so I’ll keep going as I am – sans console.
If any of you have advice re: wii vs. DS, feel free to leave a comment.

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