Two breakfasts, two dinners

Last Sunday, 28/10: Jac fried the bacon and toasted bagels under the grill, I made scrambled eggs. We’ve been buying free range eggs, and I love how brightly yellow the yolks are (to contrast, see these scrambled eggs from a family brunch a couple of years ago). I ate my bagel with butter and honey. I think I’ve said before how well honey goes with scrambled eggs. And with the bacon too, of course. Along those lines, it might be time again for pancakes with bacon and maple syrup one of these days.

Bacon, scrambled eggs, toasted bagel

Monday, 29/10: we had marinated chicken with salad, which included raw cauliflower. Jac used a packet marinade called “Oriental Chicken” – it was really tasty! She’d marinated the chicken weeks ago, bagged it and put it in the freezer, and tonight she thawed it out and fried it up in the wok. I’m still getting used to eating raw cauliflower – it’s a cultural thing, I think! As a child in Malaysia I usually ate cooked cauliflower, most often stir-fried with sliced carrots and garlic – I still love stir-fried cauliflower. Cauliflower cheese I quite like; cauliflower soup I find objectionable due to excessive pongy-ness mainly because it’s usually paired with blue cheese – once again, I’m not accustomed to the smell of blue cheese – Jac loooooves strong smelling cheeses. Raw cauliflower I still find strange, but I’m learning to like, eaten with generous lashings of aioli. :)

Marinated chicken and salad

Wednesday, 31/10: nile perch fillets, seasoned with salt and pepper, topped with a little butter and grilled, served with salad and corn on the cob. We’d bought the fish frozen, and I was amazed at how delicious and moist it was. Butter, you are magic! The fish was lovely and meaty, yet the texture of the flesh was quite delicate. I ate my corn just as it was, no salt or butter or anything else necessary, as it was juicy and bursty – corn flavour was all I needed.

Grilled Nile perch, corn and salad

Saturday, 3/11: another fry-up, of bacon, fried eggs, tomatoes and garlic mushrooms. Jac cooked the garlic cloves whole in the pan with the mushrooms in a little butter – she knows how much I love garlic like this! I got the two cloves of garlic with my mushrooms on my plate – yummy!

Bacon, eggs, garlic mushrooms and tomato

More coming up.

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