What a week: Friday – the lunch I didn’t eat

We had a bit of a scare on Friday afternoon. I had just sat down to eat my lunch at Cafe Cafe – a tuna pattie and salad (AU$9.90) when my mobile phone rang. It was Jac’s mum. Jac was back at RPH. She’d been feeling a little funny, and then her heart started beating fast again. Given everything that’s happened recently they went to the hospital to make sure she was okay. Jac’s mum said I didn’t have to race over there – the doctors were with her now and she’d give me a call as soon as she knew more. After we’d hung up I tried to eat my lunch but was too worried. I felt a little ill. Although I knew Jac would probably be okay, I couldn’t wait in Subiaco, I had to go and be with her. I’ve always felt the one time I decide she’ll be fine and don’t go to her, will be the time she won’t be okay. I gave up trying to eat and left most of the salad and most of my tea.

Back at the office I told Chad what had happened, and she didn’t hesitate – she drove me straight to RPH. My boss was at lunch, and Chad said she’d tell her what had happened when she got back.

The doctors had monitored Jac’s heart and, they ran some blood tests. They said her heartbeat had been a little elevated, but it hadn’t been fast enough to fall into the category of SVT. Her blood tests came back all normal. They told us she did the right thing by coming in to get checked out, given her history and the recent procedure, but this was nothing to worry about and did not indicate that the procedure had failed. It was just one of those things. What a relief, yet how maddening! But the relief really was appreciated. Jac now thinks she did panic somewhat when she felt her heart beating fast. She’d thought it was the SVT all over again. I can’t say I blame her for freaking out though. We’ve been through this too many times recently, so I can imagine her fear and panic when she thought it was happening all over again. And so soon after the procedure. She probably thought it was one of those *complications* rearing its ugly head.

Jac’s mum drove us home and I heated up some soup for Jac, as she hadn’t eaten lunch. This time there was no argument – she ate her soup and then had a sleep while I rang the office and sorted out a few work-related things.

Here’s the tuna pattie and salad I didn’t eat.

Tuna pattie and salad

Jac’s been fine. We went out today and did a little Christmas shopping. I carried all the heavy shopping bags, of course! :)

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