What a week: Thursday Part 2 – beautiful dinner

When I got home on Thursday, the house smelled delicious – Jac had been cooking. I guess cooking’s better than mowing the lawn or shifting furniture! :D Dinner was just beautiful – panfried basa fillets, flavoured just with a little butter and dried herbs – oregano and tarragon. Jac served the fish with homemade coleslaw – she made it with cabbage and carrot as usual but had added a little twist – chopped dates. I don’t usually care for dates, but they gave a surprisingly tasty sweetness to the coleslaw. With the coleslaw were corn kernels, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, all on a bed of lettuce, with a surprise blob of aioli hidden in the middle.

Panfried basa fillets with coleslaw and salad

Oh yeah – and when I stepped through the door Jac said, “Thank goodness you’re home! I’ve been waiting all day for you to get home so you can take the rubbish out!” Heheheh.

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