What a week: Thursday Part 1 – Lunch at Kome

On Thursday I went back to work. I’d offered to take more time off and stay home with Jac (she had last week off and will be back at work on Monday) but she said it wasn’t necessary. I did make her swear she wouldn’t do anything strenuous – I made her promise she wouldn’t push, pull, lift or carry anything. I made her promise she wouldn’t mow the lawn, work in the garden or shift any furniture (sounds stupid, but she often gets rearranges our lounge furniture just because she feels like a change!).

My boss and workmates were all pleased to hear the procedure had gone well. For lunch, Chad, L and I went to Kome, on Hay Street. We each ate a deep-fried item while waiting for our disc-shaped buzzers to beep, vibrate and do a little dance on the table to signal our meals were ready. Chad had a spring roll. It looked ultra-crispy, and I think you can see how crispy the spring roll skin is in the photo below.

Spring roll

I couldn’t go past the potato croquettes (AU$2.50 each).

Potato croquette

The croquette was deliciously crunchy on the outside, with tasty curried potato and carrot cubes inside. I’ll definitely eat these again! I didn’t manage to get a photo of L’s crab claw, but it looked very similar to this.

Potato croquette innards

I must’ve been in a crispy-crunchy kind of mood. I ordered a chicken katsu meal, small size (AU$7.40).

Chicken katsu meal

The chicken was lovely, with the same crunchy coating as the potato croquette. I did wish the chicken katsu came with mayo as well as the BBQ sauce. Japanese fried chicken, mayo and BBQ sauce are one of the best combinations ever!

Chicken katsu

Chad absolutely loves teriyaki tofu and ordered a small meal.

Teriyaki tofu meal

Every time I’ve seen her eat this I’ve drooled over how tasty it looks. I must must must remember to try it myself next time!

Teriyaki tofu

I love Kome’s sesame seed-studded rice, it’s just the perfect consistency for eating with chopsticks – sticky but not starchy.

Sesame-studded rice

After many years of being anti-miso, I’m definitely now a miso soup drinker! I drank every drop from my bowl and enjoyed it very much.

Miso soup

L ordered the katsudon. The red things you can see are pickles. For some reason, they kind of reminded me of the lingonberry jam you get with Swedish meatballs at IKEA. L said her dish was ok, but felt that she should’ve ordered something else entirely. She said there wasn’t anything wrong with the katsudon, it just wasn’t to her personal taste. It looked pretty yummy to me, but then I really like runny egg. L’s all-time favourite Subiaco Japanese lunch is probably the teriyaki chicken from Nippon Fare. Next time, L!


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