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We decided, after we returned from holiday, that we would remain in “holiday mode” as far as eating went until the 14th of January, being the day after Jac’s birthday and the day I went back to work. After the 14th we’d try our hardest to eat as many salads and vegetables, and as little junk food as possible. I suppose that’s as close as I get to making a New Year’s resolution.

This was dinner a couple of nights after we got home – chicken thigh meat marinated in teriyaki sauce, stir-fried with onions and served with rice and steamed broccoli. Not so “holiday” actually! Very yummy, though. Jac cooked onions in the wok with the marinated chicken until the onions were caramelised and sweet, and the chicken wonderfully tender.

Teriyaki-marinated chicken, rice and steamed broccoli

The next night, we had grilled turkey steak with salad. I find turkey steak a strange cut of meat. It looks like dark meat, but doesn’t feel like dark meat when you chew on it.

Turkey steak and salad

Out at the shops on the Saturday I made a bee-line for Maya Masala, as I’d been craving butter chicken and chicken biryani. Unfortunately, it was utterly disappointing. Well, the butter chicken was fine, creamy and tasty as usual. The biryani however, which I usually adore, was cold and dry with crusty lumps throughout, and way, waaaay over-the-top spicy. I suspect it was left over from the day before. That’s really put me off Maya Masala. At Carousel Shopping Centre, anyway.

Butter chicken and chicken biryani

On the Sunday we had bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. Can’t go wrong with bacon and eggs.

Bacon, scrambled eggs and toast

Continuing with re-acquainting myself with my favourite haunts and meals, I had this barbecue combination from Sun Sun – Chinese roast pork and herbed chicken with rice and steamed bok choy. They spoon roast duck gravy over the top, which makes everything even more delicious. That’s a GOOD use of roast duck gravy. More, please!

Barbecue combination - roast pork and herbed chicken

But here’s a BAD use of roast duck gravy. On wantan mee dry style.

Wantan mee dry style with side bowl of soup

I watched in dismay as a few ladles’ worth of the duck sauce was poured over the noodles before they were presented to me. Wantan mee just doesn’t taste quite right this way. It’s a shame, as the barbecue pork and the wantans are pretty good.

Wantan mee dry style

Thank goodness the broth is good. It’s savoury and salty and very hot – watch out or burn your tongue!

Wantan mee soup

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