Hello, Spencer’s my old friend

We went to Spencer Village for dinner in our first week back after holidays. Jac’s been in a sashimi place for months and months now, and the trend continues! She ordered a plate of salmon sashimi from the Japanese stall. Even though I’m not a fan of raw fish, I must say I thought this looked rather appealing. The layered arrangement of salmon on the plate gave me a compelling urge to pick up a slice with my fingers.

Salmon sashimi

Jac also tried one of the Japanese stall’s new dishes, the teriyaki fish salad. I’ll definitely have to have this myself sometime. The salad itself was very simple – lettuce, carrot and thinly sliced red onion. The best part of the dish, just as it should’ve been, was the fish, which was meaty and moist and shiny with its sticky brown teriyaki glaze.

Teriyaki fish salad

Jac also ordered a box of dumplings from the Hong Kong stall. They were nothing to get excited about. Their skins were a little on the thick and tough side, and inside was a bland mystery meat mush. The sauce was supposed to be sweet and sour, I think.


I had Hainanese chicken rice from Penang Cuisine. I was a little disappointed with the rice, which wasn’t chickeny enough in flavour. Still, the chicken was smooth and moist, and I took great pleasure in spreading the garlicky, gingery chilli sauce all over it before tucking in. Taurus Hawker Foods reigns supreme as the chicken rice king.

Hainanese chicken rice

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