Dinners at home

Here are a couple of dinners cooked by Jac last week.

18/02/2008. Jac bought peri peri chicken breasts which came out of the packet a flaming red – and they were as hot as they looked, no – a squillion times spicier and hotter than I had imagined. No, really – they were yummy, but their heat made my nose run, and the cold salad was definitely necessary to soothe my burning mouth.

Peri peri chicken breast with salad

19/02/2008. Jac cooked up a batch of ovenbaked potato wedges…

Homemade potato wedges

…which she served with a selection of rissoles she’d bought from a butcher – when they were in the packet uncooked, I could clearly see three different varieties of rissole, but once they’d been cooked they all just tasted the same – sausagey. Along with the potato wedges, Jac steamed some green beans, panfried some mushrooms with garlic and butter, and made some orange mash with sweet potato and carrot. A tasty meal! Note: the three varieties of rissole are pictured, but I only ate two of them.

Three kinds of rissoles with vegies

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