Work lunches

Last week’s lunches…

Monday: SRM and I had lunch at Toraya Sushi (Shop 8 Subiaco Square, 29 Station Street, Subiaco). SRM had the medium size teriyaki fish bento box (AU$12.00).

Teriyaki fish lunch box

I had a serve of crab claws (AU$4.00) and a cooked tuna salad (AU$6.00).

Crab claws and tuna salad

They’d trimmed the pointy tips off the claws. Without the pointy tips, they didn’t really look right, somehow. Perhaps people have been injuring themselves on the claws? Heh.

Crab claws

But they’d been freshly deep fried and were served piping hot. I just love the contrasting textures of the crispy crumbed exterior and the ribbons of pure white sweet crabmeat inside. With lashings of spicy chilli mayonaise, they were just fantastic.

Crab claw innards

Tuesday: A few of us had takeaway from Nippon Fare. This was R’s sushi – crabstick, omelette and avocado uramaki (inside-out sushi, with the seaweed on the inside and the rice on the outside), studded with black sesame seeds.


I had cooked tuna and avocado sushi, which was really tasty. I think there’s more mayo in Nippon fare’s cooked tuna mix than Toraya’s. Hey, I have room for both in my life. :-D

Cooked tuna and avocado sushi

I also had a small teriyaki chicken and rice. Green pickles, how I’ve missed you!

Regular teriyaki chicken

Wednesday: Chad and I went for a walk along Rokeby Road. We stopped at Tastings (108 Rokeby Road) so that she could get another one of those sunflower seed brown rolls with chicken, avocado, cheese and salad. This may well be for Chad what cooked tuna salad at Toraya is for me!

Chicken, avocado, cheese and salad roll

We also stopped at Perth Noodle Wok (162 Rokeby Road) so I could grab a takeaway combination noodle soup – thin egg noodles in a tasty chicken broth with barbecue pork, chicken, beef, bok choy, bean sprouts, shrimps and one big bursty prawn (I fished around for it with my chopsticks and placed it on top for the photo :)). You get a generous serve for AU$9.20.

Combination noodle soup

Thursday: I meant to get lunch before an afternoon meeting but left my run a little late, so it had to be a quick toasted wrap from MYO. In the wrap, I had chicken, swiss cheese, pineapple, mushrooms, corn kernels and fresh tomato. Yeah, another one of my odd sandwich combos, but I really enjoyed it.

Toasted wrap

Friday:work was relentless and I didn’t stop for a breather until my boss said she was going to Han’s and asked if I’d like her to grab me something for lunch. So that was twice in a week that my boss grabbed lunch for me! I was in a mood for special fried rice (AU$6.95), and so that’s what she got for me. It was very simple – a few small prawns, shredded chicken, chopped spring onion and just a touch of fried egg, but it was seasoned well, delicious and really hit the spot.

Special fried rice

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