Never order the last meal of the day if you can help it

Looks pretty good, right? Hainanese chicken rice (AU$7.00) from Newton Circle, a stall at the Carillon City Food Court in the city.

Hainanese chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice, served with a bowl of chicken soup and gingery garlicky sauce…

Hainanese chicken rice

…and chicken and steamed green Chinese vegies. Unfortunately, the chicken and vegies tasted a little old. Jac saw the man zapping the plate of chicken and vegies in the microwave, which didn’t necessarily put me off, but as soon as I started eating the vegies I wasn’t so forgiving. The vegies were terribly overcooked, chewy and floppy. The chicken was okay in the middle, but quite dry on the outside. The rice wasn’t as chickeny in flavour as it could’ve been (sadly, I think this is common across many places that serve chicken rice), and a little on the dry side too. Shortly after my meal had been served, the people at the stall switched off their lights and closed up for the evening – hence the title of this post.

Hainanese chicken

Newton Circle serves the usual hawker-style dishes – chicken rice, hokkien mee, fried beehoon etc. I must try it again one day when it’s not closing time.

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