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Back to my whinge about weekends not being long enough, we ended up spending most of last Saturday shopping. And not even fun shopping, like for DVDs, books, electrical appliances or gadgets (well, that’s fun shopping to me!). It was all groceries and household item (toilet paper, laundry detergent) shopping.

Needing some food to give us energy to brave the shops, we grabbed a bite at the food hall at Carousel first up. I had teriyaki chicken sushi from Nagano Sushi…

Teriyaki chicken sushi

…and inari sushi. These always taste good, but I reckon they’ve been a little light on the sushi rice stuffing lately. The tofu skins are gorgeously juicy, but as pillows they really aren’t plump enough. I’m not suggesting they should be filled to bursting point – just generously filled to a pleasing roundness and plumpness.

Inari sushi

Jac got a hot dog from Bucking Beef. She said it was OK, nothing amazing. The sausage was a generic beef one, the onions were quite nice. The bun was completely cold – I’d prefer it slightly warmed, if not very lightly toasted.

Hot dog

I’ll skip past the shopping (which lasted a few draining hours on a hot, hot day) and take you to the next food stop – Spencer Village. We grabbed some takeaway food for later. I ordered chicken curry and rice from Penang Cuisine.

Chicken curry

Here’s my meal of chicken curry and rice at home. The chicken was all dark meat pieces and very succulent, and the curry gravy was delicious, but the disappointment for me was in the potatoes. The dead giveaway that the curry had probably been frozen for sometime was the potato – you may remember from my post about my niece’s full moon celebration (see this post here) that my mum precooked and froze the chicken curry minus the potatoes, because frozen curry potatoes tend to go soggy. Mum always prepares the potatoes separately to address this problem. I love curry potato, but unfortunately, the potato in Penang Cuisine’s curry was terribly soggy and pulpy and quite unpalatable. It was the low point in an otherwise tasty curry.

Chicken curry and rice

And I must confess, I couldn’t decide if I felt more like curry and rice or noodles while we were at Spencer’s, so I also got some hokkien mee. In the end, I ate half the curry chicken and rice and half the noodles for dinner. And then had curry and rice for lunch the following day, and hokkien mee for breakfast the day after that. Good value meals!

Hokkien mee

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