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It was short working week last week, thanks to the Australia Day Long Weekend.

Tuesday – I had lunch on my own at Toraya Sushi. I tried the teriyaki salmon sushi (AU$4.00, 4 pcs) for the first time. The fish had coating of batter, which was soggy from teriyaki sauce and being wrapped in sushi rice. The sushi itself was tasty, but I reckon for sushi the fish really doesn’t need to be battered.

Teriyaki salmon sushi

Along with the sushi, I had a chicken salad (AU$6.00). The steamed chicken seemed more finely shredded than I’ve had it before, but it was still tasted good. I always feel really good after eating my sushi and salad combo lunches.

Chicken salad

Wednesday – another sushi and salad combo from Toraya Sushi – this time, takeaway.

Takeaway sushi and salad

The teriyaki chicken and avocado sushi (AU$4.00, 4 pcs) was tasty. No need for soy sauce. What I love about Toraya’s sushi is their perfect petite size – I can put a whole piece into my mouth and chew it easily and comfortably, without feeling like my mouth is way too full. I love that I can eat it all at once and enjoy all its components and flavours together (for example: chicken, avocado, mayonaise, rice).

Teriyaki chicken and avocado sushi

The dressing for my salad was served in its own little container, which I thought was a good idea to prevent spillage and premature soggifying of the salad. I hadn’t realised there were sesame seeds in the dressing.

Salad dressing

Here’s my cooked tuna salad (AU$6.00), with dressing. I am so in love with this salad. It’s so simple, but so delicious.

Tuna salad with dressing

Thursday – I grabbed some fruit toast from Cino To Go (AU$4.00, I think), to have for breakfast. Lately I’ve found the butter is over-melted by the time I’m at my office. They usually put the two little individually wrapped butters in the paper bag next to the hot toast, and in the past I’ve found the heat from the toast has melted the butter to a perfect softness for spreading by the time I’m at my desk ready to tuck in. In summer, however, the butter must be fairly soft to begin with, and it’s just about liquidised into oil and literally pours onto the toast when I unwrap it! I must remember to remove the butter from the paper bag next time.

Fruit toast

For lunch, I had a tuna plate (AU$6.20) from 88 Royal – L needed to be in East Perth close to lunch time and kindly offered to drop by our favourite lunch bar to grab lunches for us. As usual, I ate everything except the beetroot, which I gave to R, and the celery, which no one wanted either!

Tuna plate

Friday – Chad went to grab a morning coffee at Cino To Go and offered to get me a tea or hot chocolate. I asked her to grab me some toasted banana bread instead. I usually get fruit toast, but I’ve noticed the rather delicious-looking loaf of banana bread in the display case. As soon as I unwrapped my banana bread, I was in heaven. I was surprised (and pleased, of course!) at how thickly the banana bread had been sliced. It smelled of bananas and sugar. Its texture was a cross between cake and bread, with the gorgeous stickiness that banana bread or banana cake has when it contains a decent amount of banana (as it should). I think buttering it transformed it from “delicious” to “a guilty pleasure”.

Toasted banana bread with butter

The thick slicing of the banana bread made for a satisfying, substantial bite.

Banana bread bitten

I had to be careful not to get butter all over my desk. The banana bread was unbelievably rich and filling. I felt like I’d eaten a loaf instead than two slices!

Buttery banana bread goodness

For lunch, Chad and I felt like junk food – she had a hankering for a double beef Whopper from Hungry Jack’s. But we decided we would be good and have something more nutritious than burgers and fries – we went to Kome instead and each had a small teriyaki tofu set (AU$7.40). Note – no sesame seeds on the rice this time! It was still very good and perfect consistency for eating with chopsticks.

Teriyaki tofu set

I must admit, although I enjoyed the teriyaki tofu, I did think about eating a Whopper and Fries – and Onion rings too. Boo hoo.

Teriyaki tofu

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