Chinese home delivery

It’s been a while since we had a big feed of Chinese home delivery for dinner.

As always, special fried rice…

Special fried rice

Crab meat with sweet corn soup – the bigger pieces of “crab” were seafood extender, which was a shame. Seafood extender is really no substitute for real crab! The corn soup flavour was delicious, though.

Crab meat with sweet corn soup

Jac and I have really become fond of the Japanese beancurd dish, which includes chicken mince, chopped snowpeas and sliced fresh red chillies, all topped with a fried egg.

Japanese beancurd with chicken mince

The king prawns in garlic sauce are always immensely garlicky. In the many years we’ve eaten home delivery from this place, they’ve always cooked the prawns to a perfect burstiness – it’s a prawn and garlic lover’s heaven.

Garlic king prawns

We ordered sweet and sour crispy fried pork. The battered pork and the sweet and sour sauce were delivered separately, presumably to ensure the pork kept its crispiness during the journey.

Crispy fried pork (to go with sweet and sour sauce)

The sauce had white onions, capsicum, carrots and pineapple floating in it. It was disturbingly bright orange and a little on the runny side (a slightly thicker sauce would have clung to the pork more effectively, instead of just pooling on your plate) but it was yummy with the pork.

Sweet and sour sauce (to go with crispy fried pork)

I also ordered a serve of curry puffs. Well, they’re called curry puffs on the menu, but they’re more like the frozen samosas you can buy and then heat up in the oven. Mmmm, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this Chinese home delivery.

My plate

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