Work food – transition week

We started out in Subiaco but moved to the new office by the end of the week.

Monday – I got myself a toasted hot cross bun from Cafe Cafe (Shop 20, 29 Station St, opposite Subiaco Train Station) for morning tea.

Toasted hot cross bun

They’d toasted it in the sandwich press, which is why it turned out so flat. This was a good thing, however – the toasting had given the bun a satisfyingly chewy texture. I’d asked for it to be buttered as well. It was loaded with fruit, with the lovely scent of cinnamon, and despite its odd Flat Stanley-like appearance, was most enjoyable.

Toasted hot cross bun - flat!

I had my last lunch from Nippon Fare (479 Hay St Subiaco) that day – a regular teriyaki chicken, pickles and rice, with a potato salad.

Teriyaki chicken and potato salad

I’ll miss this potato salad. I wonder if the local Japanese place near my new office makes potato salad?

Potato salad

I know there’ll definitely be teriyaki chicken at the new Japanese place. Here’s the last time you’ll see it looking like this!

Teriyaki chicken

Tuesday – new workmate J got herself a yoghurt with raspberries from MYO and asked if I’d like to take a photo (of course)!

MYO raspberries and yoghurt

I had to attend a meeting at my new workplace – yep, I’ll be working in East Perth from now on – and was implored by my workmates back at Subiaco to grab a round of tuna pattie and salad plates for lunch from 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth). “But we’ll be working in East Perth from next week,” I said! “We should be eating Subiaco food while we can!” Hah. There was no convincing them. Tuna patties and salad it was.

Tuna patties and salad

The tuna patties seemed a little more potatoey than previously, but damn, they were tasty.

Tuna patties

Wednesday – Chad organised lunch for the team from Chutney Mary’s (67 Rokeby Road – click here to see the lunch menu) – a last team takeaway lunch from Subi. Unfortunately, I was detained when lunch arrived and wasn’t around when everyone gathered and began digging into their lunches, so I only got to photograph one workmate’s lunch. Here’s R’s seekh kebab salad (AU$13.50).

Seekh kebab salad

I chose butter chicken with rice (AU$17.50). You can have the butter chicken with naan instead of rice, if you prefer. As a few of us had ordered this, they gave us a couple of takeaway containers of rice to share, rather than individual containers for each order.

Butter chicken

J had grabbed a few bowls from the kitchen for the people who preferred to eat from a bowl. I was one of them. It was pretty tasty, but I’m still not convinced that Chutney Mary’s is good value for money. The chicken thigh meat was tender and the sauce absolutely drinkable, but I did think the meat to sauce ratio needed serious adjustment.

Butter chicken and rice/div>

Thursday – my last day going to work at Subiaco. We started the our office move on Thursday afternoon. I got to Subiaco very early to get a few last things organised. I didn’t have time to have breakfast, but luckily Chad got me fruit toast from Cino to Go. Hopefully there’ll be somewhere to get some good fruit toast from near my new workplace. :)

Fruit toast

As the person who’s been coordinating our office move, I dealt directly with the removalists on the day, and got to ride in their van with them. They were great guys! We stopped for a lunch break and I had a small combination sushi. We were getting on very well, but I wasn’t game to take any photos and then have to explain why etc etc. I’m sure I’ll have the sushi again, so you’ll get to see what it looks like sometime in the future.

Friday – I had another busy day, dealing with the removalists/contractors to ensure the smooth completion of the move. Half the team had moved on Thursday and the other half was to move on Friday. I couldn’t leave the office to get lunch, so R and J offered to go for a walk and grab some food. They went to Sushi @ Royal. R got herself the katsudon, which she said was really good.

Chicken katsudondiv>

J and I both had karaage chicken (AU$8.00). You can’t tell its size from the photo, but this was a pretty big meal!With organising the rest of our team’s move on Friday, I hadn’t eaten any breakfast, so I was both ravenous and thankful. The chicken had a strong ginger flavour (YUM!) and the salad, mostly finely shredded raw cabbage, which I love, was topped with a huge blob of mayo. I can’t wait to go to Sushi @ Royal myself and check it out. It’s going to be great working in East Perth.

Karaage chicken set

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