Work lunches

Tuesday – new person J and I went to Toraya. I went for my favourite combination of teriyaki chicken and cucumber sushi (AU$4.00) and cooked tuna salad (AU$6.00).

Teriyaki chicken sushi and tuna salad

J had gone for the raw tuna with avocado sushi. I was thrilled to see our sushi served on new black and white long plates, rather than the green rectangular plates that are usually used.


Along with her tuna sushi, J had ordered a serve of chicken karaage (AU$4.00).

Raw tuna and avocado sushi and chicken karaage

Raw tuna and avocado sushi

Chicken karaage

We’ll be moving offices towards the end of next week, so this will be one of the last cooked tuna salad lunches at Toraya I’ll ever have. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear this, as it means you won’t be seeing photos of this dish any more! ;-D

Cooked tuna salad

Wednesday – SRM and I went to Han’s, where he had the steamed chicken rice (AU$9.45), which is served with soup (not pictured).

Steamed chicken rice

I had the chicken egg noodle soup (AU$8.95). The soup was tasty but perhaps a little more peppery than usual. The bowl was loaded with noodles and chicken. It was a big, filling meal.

Chicken egg noodle soup

Thursday – J and I went to Nando’s, where she ordered a Chicken Thigh meal (4 chicken thighs, chips and a drink). She asked for her chicken thighs to be basted in the rib sauce. I had no idea you could ask for this! Normally, you are given the choice of Peri Peri (mild, hot or extra hot), or lemon and herb, if you don’t want spicy chicken. But the rib sauce is actually a better choice for a non-spicy basting than the lemon and herb, I reckon. It tastes like the Peri Peri basting, minus the hotness! J was impressed with the amount of chips on the plate and urged me to help her eat them.

Nando's Thigh Pack with chips

I ordered a garden salad…

Garden salad

…and 4 chicken thighs with mild basting. I could’ve just ordered the chicken garden salad, but I prefer the thighs to the breast meat that comes with the chicken garden salad. It’s worth the extra couple of bucks it costs to get the chicken thigh pieces.

Nando's Thigh Pack (Mild)

As it turned out, the cucumber in the garden salad was off – we’re talking pulpy, slimy cucumber flesh. I’d eaten a slice without looking properly at it and thought, “Hmmm, that tastes sort of bitter!” A couple of lettuce leaves next to the cucumber tasted unusually bitter too. I then looked more carefully at the other slices of cucumber and realised they were all slimy and sticky and pulpy in the centre. Yuck! I just finished my chicken, ate a few more of J’s chips and then brought the salad back to the cashier. I politely pointed out the problem and asked for a refund. To their credit, they didn’t argue – after inspecting the salad to confirm I wasn’t just some crackpot, the refund and an apology were given without fuss.

Friday – it rained in the morning and was overcast for most of the day – I always feel like curry on rainy, dark days. I had green curry chicken and rice from Han’s. The rice isn’t pictured, but here’s the curry. In addition to the chicken breast meat, there was carrot, potato, broccoli, capsicum and bamboo shoots in it.

Green curry chicken

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