A pie, a puff and a plate of chicken rice

I had the day off last Friday, which I spent at uni. I still have some work to do on the PhD thesis. I’m not going to elaborate, so please don’t ask about it. I’m only mentioning where I was to put the food into some sort of context.

I started my day with a chicken and vegetable pie from Aroma for breakfast. I used to eat these all the time.

Chicken and vegetable pie

The pie seemed even better than I remembered. After my first couple of bites, it was clear it was chockers with filling.

Chicken and vegetable pie after the couple of bites

Halfway through the pie I was compelled to take the camera out again and take this shot: chunky pieces of tender chicken, peas, corn kernels and carrot in a delicious peppery gravy, enclosed in pastry. This is why I love a good pie for breakfast.

Chicken and vegetable pie innards

I started lunch with a curry puff (AU$1.70) from the Wok Inn …

Curry puff

…followed by Hainan chicken rice (AU$6.60). Sorry, no innards shot of the curry puff. I was starving and pretty much inhaled it.

Hainan chicken

I’d been dreaming about this chicken rice for weeks now, since I asked my boss if I could take this day off. And it was just as I remembered. I poured soy sauce over the steamed chicken before tucking in, just as I always used to. The chicken rice was chickeny and garlicky in flavour. The gingery chilli sauce was delicious spread over the soy-splashed chicken. It was bone-suckingly, plate-lickingly good. Yes, I sucked on the chicken bones. No, I didn’t lick the plate. Yes, I thought about licking the plate. If only I’d been all alone…

Hainan chicken rice

The soup was quite salty and white peppery, but really hit the spot. Chicken broth is such a tasty liquid. I could’ve licked the bowl clean too. No, I didn’t lick the bowl clean, but I lifted it up to my lips and drank mightily. Spoons are civilised but so inefficient when you’re starving.

Chicken rice soup

The food I ate was the best part of an otherwise dull day off spent mostly in the library. Thank goodness for the food.

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