Birthday baking!

It’s my birthday today! :)

I made cupcakes last night which I’ll bring in to work today for morning tea with my workmates.

My birthday cupcakes

I iced them with chocolate butter cream icing and decorated them with an assortment of chopped Flake chocolate, Maltesers and Smarties.


Hmmmm, which one do I prefer? Maltesers…

Cupcake with chocolate butter cream and Maltesers

…or Flake?

Cupcake with chocolate butter cream and Flake

I got the cupcake and chocolate butter cream recipes from The Australian Women’s Weekly Cook: How to Cook Absolutely Everything, ACP Magazines Ltd, Sydney, 2006, p.42. They had a serving suggestion involving Maltesers, which gave me the idea in the first place.

The muffin/cupcake baking tin I used was smaller, I think, than the recommended size. For me, the recipe made 31 cupcakes – Jac and I had one each, and the rest I’m taking to work. Using tablespoons, I filled the paper cases approximately 2/3 full. I baked them on the second shelf in the oven. I didn’t bake them till they got too brown – in most cases I pulled them out of the oven and proclaimed them done after about 13-14 minutes. This may vary, depending on the size of your cupcake tins and also the strength of your oven.

The malted centres of the Maltesers “shrank” a little over night. I had stored the cupcakes in a cake tin, but presumably the airy centres have been affected by exposure to the “atmosphere”. I should’ve thought of that! I’ll be popping fresh Maltesers on the cupcakes this morning at work before serving. It’s all good.

I had great fun making/decorating the cakes. Hope my workmates like them. :)


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