JC makes another appearance

My workmate RR recently bought selection of goodies from Chez Jean Claude Patisserie for afternoon tea to celebrate his birthday.

I sneaked in ahead of time to take photos, of course. I lifted the lid from the box, and wow! Even after half a dozen or so morning/afternoon teas featuring Jean Claude fare, I still get excited when I see the bright and shiny colourful little mini pastries.

Chez Jean Claude Patisserie goodies

I think this one is called a snail.


The ever-beautiful custard-filled, chocolate-lined fruit tartlette.

Fruit tartlette

A danish, topped with juicy red berries.

Berry danish

Lemon meringue tartlettes.

Lemon meringue tartlettes

A plump, sugary jam-filled donut.

Jam donut

A chocolate eclair.

Chocolate eclair

We cut everything in half 1) which gave the illusion you were eating less and 2) allowed you to try a couple of different items (I did say “illusion”, as we certainly didn’t “eat less”!). I had half a custard donut to begin with. The custard was creamy, the donut soft and chewy.

Custard donut innards

I also had half a jam donut. It was very sweet!

Jam donut innards

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