Friday lunch at Spencer Village

On the ANZAC Day public holiday we grabbed lunch at Spencer Village food hall. It’s great that Spencer Village is open on public holidays. When pretty much everywhere else is shut, you can count on Spencer’s for a good feed.

Jac ordered some fresh rice paper rolls (AU$7 for 4 pcs) from the Vietnamese stall that’s next to the drinks stall (I really need to take note of the stall names, don’t I?). She ate one while waiting the rest of the food to arrive, and the rest we wrapped up again and took home for later. In the rolls were soft rice vermicelli, lots of Vietnamese mint, lettuce, sliced roast pork and prawns. There wasn’t as much prawn in the rolls as appeared – they’d been sliced sliver thin, so each “prawn” was actually only about a quarter of a prawn.

Fresh rice paper rolls

We’d ordered two dishes to share. First, salt and chilli pork chop rice from Penang Cuisine. The fried rice was very simple, with carrot and egg and not much else, but it was deliciously garlicky. I couldn’t stop eating it.

Salt and chilli pork chop rice

The salt and chilli pork chop was fried to ultra crispiness, with chopped fresh chilli, lightly fried sliced onions and chopped garlic.

Salt and chilli pork chop close up

The nasi lemak was fantastic. The coconut rice was served with ikan bilis (little fried fishes) and peanuts, sambal, a hard-boiled egg and sliced fresh cucumber.

Nasi lemak

From memory, I think the pork chop and fried rice was around $6.50 and the nasi lemak was around $7.00.

After lunch, we stopped by the cake shop next to the video shop outside the food hall, and Jac grabbed a trifle to go, for AU$3.80. We tucked into it when we got home. It was lovely! It had all the key elements of a trifle – the sponge cake at the bottom, tinned fruit, port wine jelly, custard and lashings of whipped cream on top.


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