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Here are last week’s lunches!

Monday – SRM, Chad and I got takeaway from Sushi @ Royal (Shop 2, 131 Royal St). SRM had fish katsu (AU$8.00).

Fish katsu

Chad had the agedashi tofu (AU$7.00). The sauce was packed in a separate container so that the battered tofu wouldn’t be soggified during the takeaway journey. Back at the office, Chad took great pleasure in pouring the sauce over the tofu.

Agedashi tofu

I had the chicken karaage (AU$8.00). I’ve had this three or so times now, and it’s always been yummy, with tender, gingery chicken.

Chicken karaage

Tuesday – I went to Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth) with J. She had the Hainan chicken rice (not pictured, see previous photo posted here). I had the char kway teow (AU$7.50). The flavour was delicious, and there was plenty of egg, Chinese sausage, beansprouts and fish cake as well as two bursty prawns, but I was a little disappointed with the noodles – some were stuck together.

Char kway teow

Wednesday – I’d left my jumper on the chair at Munch Terrace the day before and it seemed like a great excuse to have lunch there again the next day. I didn’t do it on purpose, really! :-D No, really! I decided to try the char siu wantan mee, dry style. I really enjoyed it.

Char siu wantan mee dry style

In the soup beneath the wantans and the floating chopped fresh spring onions was a clump of sunken fried shallots – yum. One of the reasons I love dishes like wantan mee dry style and Hainan chicken is the bowl of tasty chicken broth you get on the side.

Wantan soup

Thursday – as it was my birthday, Chad and SRM left it up to me to choose where we’d have lunch. I went through Chad’s Entertainment Book coupons for East Perth eateries and decided on Antico Caffe (Shop 3, 81 Royal St), for which Chad had a 25% off coupon. We started with a basket of garlic bread. The texture of the bread was lovely, but we all agreed it really needed more garlic. We all ordered pastas for our main courses – they were all available in entree (starter) or main sizes – SRM ordered a main size, and Chad and I had entree sized servings.

Garlic bread

SRM had the Pennette Ai Nebrodi (AU$14.50 entree size, $17.50 main size) – which is penne pasta cooked in napoletana sauce with spicy Italian sausage, roasted capsicum, olives, and, according to the menu, “a touch of our special homemade pesto”. SRM asked if he could have lots of chilli added to his dish, which he was told would be no problem – I noticed on the bill that they did charge him 50 cents for “extra chilli” – but disappointingly he couldn’t really taste much chilli at all.

Pennette Ai Nebrodi

Chad was tempted to order the Gnocchi, but chose the Involtini Di Maccheroni (AU$17.50/19.90). The Involtini was my second choice, actually! The menu proclaimed this vegetarian dish as its house speciality – homemade maccheroni in napoletana sauce, served in rolled up eggplant slices, topped with baked ricotta.

Involtini Di Maccheroni

I went for the Linguine Ai Gamberi (AU$18.90/20.90) – linguine in a fresh tomato sauce, with garlic, chilli and prawns – eight bursty prawns (yes, yes, I counted). I really enjoyed it. I found real sliced green and red chilli throughout the dish – maybe they’d thought I’d asked for the extra chilli? I was glad I’d ordered the small size linguine dish – it was really filling!

Linguine Ai Gamberi

SRM and Chad thought the food was average – I don’t think there wasn’t anything wrong per se with their food, it just didn’t “wow” them. I think I enjoyed my meal the most – bursty prawns, sweet, fresh cherry tomatoes and chilli, yum. But maybe I was in an agreeable, happy birthday mood that day. With the discount coupon we ended up paying around AU$20 each, which included drinks. Definitely not for the “every day” lunch budget.

Friday – SRM and I dined in at Sushi @ Royal. He had the chicken katsu (AU$8.00).

Chicken katsu

I ordered the teriyaki fish (AU$8.00). I was a little perplexed with the dish though – there was teriyaki sauce on the rice, underneath the crumbed fish, but I didn’t think the fish really qualified as teriyaki fish. It was more like a not very crispy, not very satisfying katsu. I won’t be ordering that again. I miss Toraya Sushi!

Teriyaki fish (not very teriyaki!)

SRM likes getting coffee from Punch, a little coffee shop next to MYO on Royal St. Sometimes I walk with him to Punch, even though I don’t actually get any coffee myself. Last week, I noticed a pile of interesting-looking little cakes on the counter. They were labeled as “citron tarts”. After wrestling with my intrigue all week, I finally gave in and bought one on Friday.

Citron mini cake

J tried a little of the citron tart too – she reckons they were made with almond meal. I liked how there was real lemon peel in the tart itself, but overall, the tart didn’t taste all that lemony/citrusy. Probably a bit of a rip-off for AU$2.50, considering how tiny they are – it was gone in two mouthfuls. I’m glad I tried it though – at least now I won’t be burning with curiosity every time I’m in Punch.

Citron cake innards

I promise to respond to the most recent comments and emails soon. Kagenosuke, I will ask Jac about the mushroom steak sauce too.

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