Bus station fried rice

I went through the city on the way to work last Friday and picked up a box of fried rice from the bakery near the bus station. I’d been wondering for some time when they’d raise their prices, and now they have – it’s now AU$3.50, up 50 cents. Inflation has taken its toll in another tangible way – the ham content is practically microscopic now. You may be able to see two tiny pink bits of ham in the photo below – all up, there were probably five bits of ham. That’s what they were – bits, specks, fragments – I wouldn’t even call them pieces. While the ham content has decreased, I think the MSG content has increased. It was extremely salty. Edible, but noticeably salty. I had an unpleasant, insatiable thirst afterwards. For hours. I don’t think I’ll be buying this again for a while.

Bus station fried rice

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