Fish and chips on a day home

I had another day off last Wednesday. Lunch was a fisherman’s basket from our local fish and chippie. Here’s part of the fisherman’s basket – chips, a piece of fish (you get two in a serve), a squid ring (four per serve), a prawn (two per serve) and a scallop (also two per serve). No, I didn’t eat the whole fisherman’s basket!

Part of a  fisherman's basket

I usually eat my chips dipped in tomato sauce. Generally speaking, I do like tartare sauce, but don’t really care for it with fish and chips. Funny thing is, my favourite tartare sauce is in Filet O Fish burgers. I like my fish and chips with a light sprinkling of salt, no vinegar or lemon. I just love the taste of freshly cooked, piping hot crispy batter. Such a shame it’s a no-no to eat everything enclosed in batter and deep-fried.

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