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Monday last week – J and I grabbed a quick early lunch at Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth). She had a craving for hokkien mee. I must say it looked absolutely delectable, all saucy and gleaming on the plate. She was a little disappointed however, that there was no “pork lad” in it this time.

Hokkien mee

I decided to try Munch’s chicken curry and steamed rice, which I’ve noticed is quite a popular dish. It’s my favourite kind of chicken curry – Malaysian-style.

Chicken curry and steamed rice

In the bowl were two pieces of chicken, two chunky pieces of potato and lots of spicy gravy. If you look carefully you may be able to see little red specks of chilli in the gravy. It was really good poured over the rice. In fact, it was deliciously drinkable on its own (though perhaps just a little too spicy to succeed as a drink :)). The splattered bowl serves as a warning – eat carefully or leave with a curry-stained shirt.

Chicken curry close-up

Tuesday – Chad and I went to 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth), where she had a chicken, cheese and tomato panini, the same kind as what J had enjoyed the week before. This one was as cheesy as J’s had been, and Chad enjoyed it. She said she’d be happy to eat it again.

Panini with chicken, cheese and tomato

I had my old 88 Royal stand-by – a tuna patties and salad plate. What I really love about the tuna patties is although they’re served cold with the salad, they’re not at all soggy. You may notice the beetroot is still GLAD-wrapped – that’s how it stayed. I still don’t like it. That and the celery sticks. Everything else was demolished.

Tuna patties and salad

Thursday – another Munch day. J had the combination laksa again, and declared it as good as the first time had been. The big steaming bowl of vividly orange soup looked amazing and the curry aroma smelled fantastic from where I was sitting. J has a knack of ordering dishes that make me think I should’ve ordered what she did. :)

Combination laksa

SRM tried the soya chicken rice. I thought the glossy soy-stained chicken skin looked really good, but SRM’s decided to stick with the crispy chicken rice from now on. He thought the soya chicken tasted kind of old. A little disappointing.

Soya chicken rice

I ordered the crispy fried noodles in egg sauce. The noodles weren’t particularly crispy, and it wasn’t because they’d been softened by the egg sauce. I think they’d been fried quite some time ago and had gone soggy before actually being served up for my order. They still had the tasty flavour of deep fried anything, and tasted good in that thick egg sauce, which (thankfully!) had been made with a freshly coddled egg that was lusciously silky, soft and slippery. With the chunks of chicken, two bursty prawns, fish cake and fresh choy sum, it was quite an enjoyable dish.

Crispy fried noodles in egg sauce

I don’t think I’ve really mentioned before – the food comes out unbelievably fast at Munch Terrace – nothing we’ve ordered has ever taken longer than five minutes, if that, even when the place has been busy – so I’m pretty sure they operate on the “and here’s one I prepared earlier!” principle. I guess that would explain why the crispy fried noodles weren’t quite so crispy. But hey, it was a cheap, fast meal and there are plenty of other tasty dishes to order, so I wasn’t really that fussed.

Friday – my lunch was one of only a couple of dishes I actually really like from Sushi @ Royal (Shop 2, 131 Royal St) – a chicken karaage meal, with rice, salad and a blog of that delicious mayo. The chicken was tender and gingery, but maybe a little greasier than usual. It was still lip-smackingly good though. What can I say, I have a high tolerance for grease (that’s probably a bad thing)!

Chicken karaage

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