Saturday food

Still running behind with posts! Here’s lunch from two Saturdays ago: we shared fried kway teow from Sun Sun at the Carousel Shopping Centre food hall. It seemed paler and less saucy than usual, and there was no fish cake or sliced beef in it. No fish cake! I was disappointed and dissatisfied.

Fried kway teow

The chilli was hot as usual. I always find it too hot. Each time I decide I’ll give it a go and always, with mouth on fire, live to regret it. Even if I avoid the seeds!

Chilli in soy sauce

We also shared a small combination (two meat curries, one vegetable curry) from Maya Masala. Left to right – butter chicken, dhal, lamb and spinach curry, all on top of steamed basmati rice.

Maya Masala Small curry combination

The tandoori chicken was succulent and had quite a peppery kick. The mint raita was cooling (as it should be), but seemed more watery than previous raitas we’ve eaten from Maya Masala. In fact, the curries all seemed less rich and more watery. The meat curries didn’t seem as meaty as they’ve been before. I guess the rising costs of produce and transport are taking their toll. We’ve noticed how small Dominos pizzas have become. And our local fish and chippie, while always delicious, has been decreasing their portion sizes while putting the prices up. Don’t get me wrong – I know people need to make a living – I’m just sharing my observations.

Tandoori chicken with mint raita

Dinner: something simple. Noodle soup – thin rice noodles in chicken stock with bok choy and pork balls, sprinkled with fried shallots, with a little soy sauce and sesame oil. Jac cooked up a pot of chicken stock and I did the rest. Good rainy day food.

Rice noodle soup with pork balls and bok choy

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