Late dinner at McDonald’s

An unexpected visit to the doctor last Tuesday evening meant we ran out of time to cook dinner. So, tired and hungry, we grabbed a quick late dinner at McDonald’s on the way home.

The fries were a little floppy (sad to say, typical of McDonald’s fries these days!) but tasted pretty good.

McDonald's fries

Jac was quite happy with her Chicken Bacon Deluxe. The chicken breast was meaty and the batter was good and crunchy. I liked the look of that big bit of bacon hanging out of the bun, all curly.

Chicken Bacon Deluxe

But I loved my Big Mac. I’m pretty sure I glowed with pleasure with every bite. I licked up every bit of that tasty mustardy special sauce off my fingers, I picked up and ate every last shred of stray lettuce (the lettuce always ends up dropping everywhere!) and I peeled off and ate every last bit of gooey orange cheese that was stuck to the side of the cardboard box the burger came in.

Big Mac

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