Heavenly cannoli

We celebrated B’s birthday at work with a morning tea last Wednesday. She supplied the eats – a box of cannoli from Corica Pastries (106 Aberdeen St, Perth) – enough for each person to have a whole one to him/herself!

Chocolate and vanilla custard-filled cannoli

Where to start? To give you an idea of size, the cannoli is on a saucer, not a dinner plate (but imagine if it were a giant cannoli on a dinner plate! That’s like my mum and I fantasising about the giant KFC bucket that is on top of the roof or a pole at a KFC store being full of chicken! See this photo of a KFC bucket as an example.)


The chocolate custard was so smooth, and its level of chocolatey-ness was perfect. Not so strong it was overpowering, not so weak it was more about sugar than chocolate. Just distinctly, recognisably, deliciously chocolate.

The chocolate custard end

The vanilla custard was luscious. I was tempted to just suck it straight out of the shell!

The vanilla custard end

The cannoli shells were crispy and left the flavour of guilty pleasure on your lips with every bite – the flavour that is deep fried anything. We were happy victims of the “dandruff effect” from the icing sugar, and had to brush the white dust from our clothes after eating. A delicious, decadent and fun morning tea!

I started at the vanilla end – I’m a bigger fan of traditional custard than I am of chocolate – and then alternated bites: vanilla, chocolate, vanilla, chocolate… until it was all gone. I think from now on if I ever have a cannoli I’ll be compelled to compare it to this one. I don’t know if I will ever be satisfied with a single flavour of custard in my cannoli, now that I’ve experienced the heavenly pleasure of two!

So which end would you have started at, chocolate or vanilla?
Or, another question: what other flavour of custard would you have liked in the cannoli?

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