Work lunches

Running a little behind! Here are last week’s work lunches.

Wednesday – J and I grabbed an early lunch from Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth). She chose the combination ho fun in egg sauce (AU$8.00). The noodles had been fried in brown sauce (oyster? soy? not hiding my ignorance here!) before being buried in fresh egg sauce, chicken, fish cake and prawns. Some of the noodles were stuck together – unfortunately, this is something we’ve noticed with all of Munch’s dishes that use the flat rice noodles. Other than that though, J thought the dish was delicious. I must say, it smelled really good.

Combination ho fun

I ordered the stewed chicken noodles, soup style (AU$7.50). Unlike the stewed chicken noodles dry style I had recently, the soup style noodles came with kway teow (and again, some of the rice noodles were stuck together. Careless prep by the cook, tut tut!). The broth was tasty, and chicken and bean sprouts were great. Another just-dig-in-and-steam-up-your-glasses dish.

Stewed chicken noodles (soup style)

Thursday – I enjoyed red curry chicken with rice (AU$7.90) from 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth). The serving was generous. The chicken thigh pieces were succulent. The carrots and potatoes had obviously been cooking in the curry sauce for a while and were beautifully, perfectly tender though not mushy, the carrot lovely and sweet.

Red curry chicken with rice

Friday – tuna and crackers! J had smoke flavoured John West tuna slices on crackers spread with hummus, topped with cream cheese and a light cracking of black pepper. I kept looking at the hummus and thinking it looked like peanut butter. Now that would’ve been an interesting combination… :)

img src=”” class=”flickr-photo” alt=”Tuna, cream cheese and hummus on crackers”>

I had John West tuna slices in olive oil blend on lettuce, tomato and Jarlsberg Light cheese on crackers, with black pepper on top. I also had a salad of mixed lettuce, red capsicum and tomato on the side (not pictured).

Tuna, lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese on crackers

I plan to catch up on comments and emails this weekend – thanks for your patience (and interest)!

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