Saturday brunch

Last Saturday morning at the shops.

Jac got herself a bacon pretzel from Pretzos. The doughy pretzel is baked, topped with slices of bacon and lots and lots of cheese (check out the cheesy perimeter!). When you order it, they offer to sprinkle it with powdered parmesan cheese and brush it with melted butter or garlic butter. Jac always says yes to parmesan and garlic butter.

Pretzos bacon pretzel with garlic butter and parmesan

Jac loves these – definitely not something anyone should eat often! The smell of parmesan and garlic butter is amazing. She only had a bite or two of the pretzel; she took it home for later.

Pretzos bacon pretzel with garlic butter and parmesan close-up

We had brunch at Nandos: chicken mediterranean salads (AU$12.45) – mixed lettuce, tomatoes, feta, red onion and chargrilled chicken breast. We both chose “mild” peri peri basting. I reckon the cook may have gotten mixed up, because no way was that mild! But I enjoyed it anyway – the chicken was tender and moist, and the tasty juices that dripped into the salad were all I needed for a dressing. Jac however, dressed her salad with the Nandos three pepper dressing.

Nandos chicken mediterranean salad (mild per peri)

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