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For Saturday lunch last weekend, Jac and I went to my folk’s place. A couple of my siblings and their partners were going to Mum and Dad’s for lunch too. Mum’s master plan was for everyone to eat nasi lemak and chicken rice, then play mahjong for the rest of the afternoon and stick around for a family dinner. As Jac had hockey at 4 o’clock and I was quite happy to get home and get a few things done around the house, she and I left after three o’clock. A shame we missed out on dinner with the family, but you can’t always have everything!

During the week, we’d placed our “orders” for lunch. I chose chicken rice and Jac chose nasi lemak; I’d always secretly planned to order whichever of the two Jac didn’t order, so we could share both dishes and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Here’s the box of nasi lemak which Mum and Dad bought on Saturday morning. I always get hungry at the sight of these brown paper packets.

Nasi lemak

Mum hard-boiled some eggs to go with the nasi lemak.

Hard-boiled eggs for nasi lemak

She’d also sliced fresh cucumber for everyone to eat with their nasi lemak and chicken rice. Each nasi lemak includes only one slice of cucumber, which is nowhere enough for us. We like our cucumber!

Cucumber for nasi lemak

The nasi lemak, unwrapped. On top of the coconut rice is sambal, ikan bilis (tiny fried fishes) and peanuts, fried egg and the single slice of cucumber.

Nasi lemak

Jac waited patiently while I transferred her nasi lemak from the brown paper to a plate, added some of Mum’s sliced cucumber, a hard-boiled egg (sliced in half for visual appeal) and Mum’s homemade beef rendang, and then photographed it all.

Nasi lemak with added trimmings

As Jac attacked her nasi lemak, I got to work photographing my chicken rice. The chicken leg and thigh meat had been deboned. The rice was deliciously chickeny. The chilli sauce was the gingery, garlicky kind that I love.

Chicken rice with chilli sauce

The chicken was tender, the chicken skin so very fatty and gelatinous. I left the fattier bits of skin on the side of my plate, and Mum happily ate them. :) I know the chicken rice was from Ang’s at Dog Swamp Shopping Centre, but I’m not sure where the nasi lemak is from. Maybe my sister Juji can tell us, if she’s reading this?

Chicken rice close-up

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