Salad, grease and tiramisu

Saturday morning at the shops always begins or ends with eating. This was last Saturday:

First, a two salad combination from Sumo Salad – Mexican salad and falafel salad. Jac ate most of this, but I had a taste. The flavours of the Mexican salad were delicious – the cheese, sour cream and chilli beans were wonderful. I wasn’t so keen on the soggy tortilla squares though. They should’ve just left those out completely. The falafel salad was beautiful – the falafels themselves were tasty, the roasted pumpkin and red capsicum were gorgeously sweet. More cous cous would’ve been welcome. I’d definitely eat that falafel salad again.

Two salads from Sumo Salad

I was drawn to a poster proclaiming the return of Chicken Treat‘s Hawaiian Pack, with “the original Big Banana” for a limited time only. Not only did this come with a delicious whole banana as advertised, the pineapple fritter was large and juicy. The crumbed banana was everything a deepfried banana should be – hot and crispy on the outside, ripe, soft and sweet on the inside. The chicken was tiny though – seriously, they must be cooking bantams or something! Jac had some chicken, banana and pineapple too. I ate all the stuffing that came with the chicken- Jac doesn’t care for commercially made stuffing. Me, I like all sorts of stuffing – Chicken Treat stuffing and supermarket BBQ chook stuffing, and the good homemade stuff that’s made with love. :)

Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack

After all that salty chicken and chips, Jac felt like some ice cream – tiramisu ice cream from Baskin Robbins. They have seriously got the whole ice cream and cake thing perfect – their strawberry cheesecake ice cream has real cheesecake in it and is simply sublime; the tiramisu ice cream has real sponge fingers in with the ice cream and is absolutely wonderful. Tiramisu and coffee fans, this is one for you!

Tiramisu ice cream

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