A rare morning

I recently attended a course held in one of the convention rooms at the Melbourne Hotel in Perth. Since the course didn’t start until 9:30am, I decided to have breakfast in the city beforehand. There’s a cafe at the Melbourne, called M Cafe. I chose to eat there more for convenience than anything; since my course was taking place right next door, I knew if I got there nice and early I could relax and enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

I ate scrambled eggs on chunky toast (AU$8.50) with a side order of mushrooms (AU$2.00), drank a glass of icy cold 100% orange juice and read my book. I wish I had the time to go out for breakfast more often. I’m usually at the office a little after 7:30am, so not having to “start” until 9:30am was a rare luxury.

Scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms

I had a really good morning. Breakfast was yummy; the mushrooms were a little overdone but went very well with the creamy scrambled eggs and the thick cut toast. The course was very interesting. When it was over, I got to enjoy the warm sunny day as I walked through town back to my office in East Perth. It really was a shame I had to go to work that day. I would’ve been perfectly happy walking around town amongst the buildings and trees all day, with the sunshine on my back and the wind in my hair.

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