When the cat’s away, the SPAM comes to play!

A few of my work colleagues informed me that this week, Nova 93.7 FM replayed their Oh My Blog segment featuring The Food Pornographer. If you’re a new reader who’s checking the site out after hearing about it on the radio, welcome!

Regular readers have no doubt been expecting this post. Yep, while Jac was away last weekend, I did what I always do when home alone for a weekend: I cracked open a can of SPAM and got cooking.

I slept in on Saturday and then got up to make something for brunch. The old SPAM favourite: fried SPAM and egg, with baked beans, corn and rice.

SPAM and egg, rice, baked beans and corn

I really should’ve gone to the shops earlier and grabbed some green beans and some tinned pineapple to make fried rice with. I’ve really been craving fried rice specifically with SPAM, pineapple, green beans, with lots of onion and garlic and the rice flavoured with tomato sauce and a little black pepper. I could’ve gone out and done a little shopping, but to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered. So since there there were no green beans in the fridge and no tinned pineapple in pantry, I cooked up a batch of fried rice for my dinner featuring SPAM, mushrooms and corn, with lots of onion and garlic (no matter what, we always have onion and garlic!) and oyster sauce to flavour the rice. Exactly my kind of meal, bursting with savoury flavours and distinctive textures: springy salty cubes of SPAM with slightly browned crisp edges, squeaky rubbery mushrooms and juicy corn kernels that popped tantalisingly between my teeth.

SPAM, mushroom and corn fried rice

I ate rice all weekend. I get withdrawals if I don’t eat rice every couple of days at least. My mum’s like me; she can’t go for very long without eating rice. She is quite perplexed by my younger sister Juji, I think; Juji doesn’t care much about rice but gets cravings for potatoes and pasta.What do you need to eat on a regular basis? Yes, need!

I had a quiet weekend home alone. I didn’t go out at all. I just blogged, read, exercised, slept and ate. Lots and lots of “ate”. Of course, that’s not unusual.

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