Chicken for dinner, chicken for lunches

For dinner last Sunday evening, Jac rubbed chicken thighs with a little olive oil and three different kinds of dried herbs – oregano, thyme and chives – then panfried them. She served the chicken with steamed sugar snap peas and garlic mashed potatoes – yum!

3-herb panfried chicken, sugar snap peas and mashed potato

After dinner we prepared some food for bento. I seasoned chicken drumsticks, two ways. First, I rubbed a couple of chicken drumsticks with a little olive oil and Masterfoods Greek seasoning. According to the label on the bottle, Greek seasoning is made of salt, rice flour, garlic, onion powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, oregano, parsley and natural flavour (whatever that is). Then I rubbed a couple more chicken drumsticks with Whittingtons barbecue seasoning, which according to its label is made from sugar, salt, garlic, ginger, mustard pepper and onion. I placed the chicken on a rack on an oven tray, and Jac popped it into the oven to cook. The two drumsticks on the left are the ones with Greek seasoning; the two on the right are the barbecue ones.

Oven baked chicken drumsticks

While I dealt with the chicken, Jac chopped up a butternut pumpkin. She placed the pumpkin slices and two whole onions in the oven to cook as well. More food for bento!

Oven baked butternut pumpkin and onions

You’ll see these items in their bento-ised glory in the next couple of posts. Stay tuned!

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