Monday bento

On Monday last week I used my new bento box for the first time. I packed Jac’s lunch in the Lunch to Go box.

In Jac’s lunch box – chicken drumstick with Greek seasoning, cherry tomatoes, a salad of oven-baked butternut pumpkin, cucumber, green beans and mushroom, a hot dog roll with Vegemite and cheese, strawberries and a sweet surprise wrapped in foil. I cut up the plastic carton the strawberries came in to make food dividers for the strawberries and the “sweet surprise”.

Jac's Monday bento

I used a little alfoil to make a “handle” for the chicken, so Jac could hold and eat her drumstick without getting her fingers too dirty. I threw in a few cherry tomatoes with the chicken.

Chicken drumstick with Greek seasoning

I sliced the butternut pumpkin into small cubes and sprinkled them with a little dried oregano and black pepper.

Oven baked pumpkin, green beans, cucumber and mushrooms

I’d actually meant to write on the note: “Please zap hot dog roll in microwave for 20 seconds on high before eating”, but I forgot, so I sent Jac an email with those instructions when I got to work. She did microwave her hot dog roll as recommended and really enjoyed it, all warm and soft with gooey melted cheese. I did the same with mine, and found it to be most delicious. The “sweet surprise” is two squares of Cadbury Desserts Tiramisu chocolate, which is milk chocolate with a coffee creme filling.

Jac's Monday bento notes

I packed myself pretty much the same lunch – but I had a barbecue chicken drumstick, which I laid on a bed of snow pea sprouts – I like eating them, Jac doesn’t – and I gave myself a single square of chocolate. I put my hot dog roll in a sandwich bag and packed it separately. As it turned out, we both ate our warm hot dog rolls for morning tea. :)

My Monday bento

I included a little animal food pick (a tiger!) for spearing the cubes of sweet butternut pumpkin.

My Monday bento

Here’s the bento box all packed and belted up. Don’t you think the picture on the bento box looks like aliens? It’s actually rabbits, but at first glance all I see are alien heads. :)

All packed and ready to go

I popped it into the bento bag, along with matching fork.

Pop it in the bag

Bento bagged lunch

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