Damn you, chip craving!

For dinner last Monday night we had oven-baked frozen crumbed fish fillets and beer battered thick-cut chips with steamed butternut pumpkin, broccoli and green beans. Jac had tartare sauce with her fish, and I had tomato sauce for my fish and my chips. Those beer battered chips are fantastic – they’re crunchy and salty and moreish. I’d happily eat crumbed and battered food every day if it wasn’t so bad for me. Fish and chips! Calamari rings! Shoestring fries! Fish fingers! Chunky potato wedges! Vegetable tempura! Chicken karaage! KFC Original Recipe! Chicken parmigiana! Any kind of crispy fried chicken! Italian-style crumbed veal cutlets! Crumbed lamb cutlets! Chicken McNuggets! Potato gems! Goreng pisang! Pineapple fritters! What else…?

Crumbed fish and beer batter chips with steamed veg and tomato sauce

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