Monday bento

Jac really enjoyed the sandwich bento I made for her on Friday and asked if I’d be able to make her more sandwiches for lunch on Monday. No worries! I made us both sandwiches for lunch on Friday.

  • roast beef, Indian-style mango chutney, cucumber
  • sausage, sour gherkin pickles, mayonnaise
  • roast turkey breast, sundried tomato mustard, cos lettuce
  • cheese, sweet pickles and corn relish(I enjoyed this combination so much on Friday that I wanted to eat it again. This time, I also included thinly sliced red onion in Jac’s sandwich – she loves a bit of onion in her sandwiches).

Here are our hers and hers sandwiches. The sausage I used was leftover from Sunday’s breakfast fry-up. Sharp-eyed readers may notice the sandwiches had a little bread crust left on them. I just felt like eating a little bread crust; I do once in a while. These sandwiches weren’t as dainty as the ones I made on Friday, but they were really tasty, if I do say so myself. :) I’ll probably make a sandwich and salad bento once a week.

Hers and hers sandwiches

Jac said she’d be happy with just sandwiches, but she wouldn’t mind a little salad. I chopped up some cucumber, tore up some lettuce, made carrot flowers and threw in baby roma tomatoes and sliced cooked mushrooms left over from Sunday breaky. Since I had more leftover sausage and mushroom to use up, I decided to make sausage, tomato, mushroom and lettuce skewers – one for Jac and two for me.

Jac's bento lunch with note - To the woman who loves sandwiches

My lunch was pretty much the same as Jac’s, but with a slightly larger serving of vegies, and of course, snow pea sprouts.

My bento lunch

The cold leftover mushrooms were so juicy! I thought they tasted great.

My bento side dishes

I’m sure you’ve all noticed since I got into the bento thing I’ve really increased my vegetable intake – especially fresh vegies. I’m really enjoying it.

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