Sunday fry-up (and how to cook an egg sunny side up)

Jac likes to cook up a big breakfast on Sunday mornings.

This was last Sunday’s fry-up. Pork chipolatas, tomatoes, button mushrooms and eggs. She cooked the mushrooms with butter and a couple of whole garlic cloves.

Fry-up in the pan

Jac’s plate, with her egg over easy. You may have noticed she’s removed the skin from her tomatoes. She can’t stand cooked tomato skin. :)

Jac's breakfast (egg over easy)

My plate, with two fried eggs, sunny side up. As usual, Jac gave me the cooked garlic cloves, as she knows how much I love them. She’d cooked my eggs carefully and to perfection – on low heat until the egg whites were set, leaving the yolks bright and plump and temptingly bursty.

My breakfast (eggs sunny side up)

I added a little freshly cracked black pepper to the eggs and tomato, squirted barbecue sauce onto the sausages and dove in.

How to cook an egg sunny side up
A few people have asked me this recently. These are general instructions, not a recipe as such.

  • The secret is low, controlled heat. Use the lowest heat setting on your stove.
  • Use a well-lubricated pan. I don’t mean drown the egg in oil; just make sure you’ve covered surface of the pan evenly so the egg won’t stick to the pan. We like to use spray-on olive oil, but any vegetable oil will be fine.
  • Be patient. Let it cook. Don’t disturb or touch it. Resist the temptation to speed things up by turning the heat up. At the lowest heat setting the egg will cook evenly. The egg white just needs its time to set. Remember, always low heat.
  • Be gentle when handling the egg, especially when sliding the spatula under the cooked egg and then lifting it out of the pan onto the plate. Don’t burst that yolk in the process!

I’m sure if you google it you’ll find lots of tips too.

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