Friday night Thai dinner

We’d originally planned to go out for dinner last Friday night, but with all the stormy weather we decided staying home would be a better idea. Jac picked up some Thai takeaway on her way home, from the international food hall at East Victoria Park.

She’d asked for pad pak with tofu, which is a stir-fried vegetable dish, with your choice of meat, seafood or tofu. But the lady who took her order misheard her and gave her pad Thai with tofu instead. As it turned out, the pad Thai was delicious. I loved these thin rice noodles, and how everything else was also thin – like the beansprouts, or sliced thin, like the carrot and the strips of fried egg.

Pad Thai

Jac got two curries – a pork red curry and a chicken green curry. Both were unusually sweet – I have never eaten a Thai curry that I found so sweet before. The pork itself was quite tender, and there were carrots, peas, bamboo shoots, cauliflower and peas in the gravy, but although it was a delicious dish, it really was strangely sweet – like really really sweet!

Pork red curry

The green curry was not only a little too sweet, it was a strange shade of green. Yes yes, I know it’s a green curry, but I’ve never seen one this quite this particular shade of green. I don’t think the photo quite captures it. And disappointingly, the gravy was watery-thin. Again, flavour-wise it was quite tasty and the fancy-cut carrot was yummy, but I’ve had nicer green curries that weren’t so disconcertingly sweet. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be rushing back to that stall.

Chicken green curry

I enjoyed my meal despite the sweetness. I was glad we were both home, safe and warm, listening to the rain and eating curry and rice. :)

Chicken green curry, pork red curry, pad Thai and rice

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