Having a shower can be dangerous… and bento-style Tuesday

I hurt my leg yesterday and so I was at home instead of work today. I worked from home – J emailed me some files I needed to work on. It was quite a productive day.

So what happened? (you can skip the next four paragraphs if you just interested in the food part of this post :))

It’s silly, really. Jac was at hockey. I was standing in the shower, the water was on. As I stood there a cold breeze blew in and I realised I’d left the door much more ajar than usual (I only fully close the bathroom door if we have house guests – when it’s just us at home I like to leave the door slightly ajar so the cats can come in and hang out if they want, which they often do. Billy Lee likes to sit and *talk* to me while I’m in the shower. I leave the door ajar but more closed than open to minimise cold air getting in).

Our shower is roman bath-style – there’s a tiled “wall” around the shower that’s just below (my) knee height. I stepped over the roman bath “wall” with my right leg and reached over to push the door shut. As I did so, my other leg, which was in the shower area, slipped on the wet tiles and I started to slide. In that moment my only thought was to prevent myself from falling.

It could’ve been a catastrophe – a fall in the bathroom with the water running, me with no clothes on and Jac away for the next couple of hours! I pushed outwards with my right leg and tried to stop sliding. I was successful in that I didn’t fall, but I was not so successful in that I couldn’t stop sliding entirely – I ended up slamming my right calf into the roman bath “wall”. It hurt like hell, let me tell you! I spent most of yesterday evening sitting on the couch with my injured leg elevated and iced.

There’s a swollen section across the fleshiest part of my calf – I call this my chicken drumstick – where I struck the roman bath the hardest. There’ll probably be a beauty of a bruise. Walking normally is out of the question; all I can manage is a slow, careful hobble. What a pain in the… leg. It could’ve turned out so much worse though – I’m thinking of this as a lucky escape. Right now I’m sitting at my desk in the study with my injured leg iced and propped up on cushions. It’s already a lot better than yesterday, but I’m hoping that staying home today and taking things easy has helped it heal up even more. But obviously I won’t be able to do much exercise or run for some time.

Anyway, here’s a nicer story for you.

I was exhausted last Monday night and went to bed early. I’d decided not to bother making lunch to take to work, but on Tuesday morning I woke up feeling inspired and motivated to rustle up a few quick dishes.

This was the lunch I packed for Jac in our trusty Tupperware sandwich keeper: French toast, salad, butter corn and sauteed mushrooms.

French toast, salad, butter corn, sauteed mushrooms

I cooked the mushrooms in a frying pan in olive oil; I cooked them only slightly, long enough to remove their rawness, but not so long that they shrank and got really dark in colour. I cooked them on one side for maybe a minute to a minute and a half, then flipped them over to cook the other side. They were still really juicy and plump. I placed the cooked mushrooms in a bowl, tossed them with a sprinkling of dried chives and let them cool down before loading up our lunch boxes. I would’ve cooked more mushrooms but we only had five left, so we each had a measly two and a half mushrooms each. :)

Sauteed mushrooms with dried chives

I’ve mentioned butter corn before – we ate butter corn at a Japanese restaurant and really loved it. It’s so easy to prepare and if you love corn it’s a really tasty snack or side dish. I cracked open a can of corn kernels, drained them and used about half the can to make two side servings for our lunches. I rinsed out the same frying pan that I used to cook the mushrooms in, then heated it up and added a knob of butter. Once the butter had melted I threw in the corn, and added a little soy sauce. I just tossed it all through until thoroughly coated, mixed and warmed – voila! Butter corn. I put the butter corn in little containers that with lids, so it wouldn’t spill everywhere in transit.

Salad and butter corn

For some reason I really felt like French toast, and I thought it would go well with the other dishes. I used two slices of bread, each cut in half to make four pieces. I whisked a jumbo sized (67 g) egg with a little soy milk and a teaspoon of raw sugar and dipped the bread in the mixture, making sure all surfaces were well-soaked and coated. I fried the eggy bread in a little butter until golden brown on both sides.

French toast

I packed myself the same lunch in my new lunch box. French toast and butter corn and mushrooms in the top containers…

French toast, butter corn and sauteed mushrooms

…and salad on the bottom.


I also packed a couple of chocolate coins for dessert. :) They travelled to work in the salad compartment. Jac didn’t get any chocolate coins – she’s not fond of compound chocolate. I might buy some Lindt balls (one of her all-time favourites) and surprise her with one or two every now and then. ;)

French toast, salad, butter corn and coin chocolates

Jac’s said she really looks forward to the lunches I make for her. I think that’s great, I feel like I’m sort of paying her back for all the yummy meals she cooks for me!

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