Fried rice, two ways

On Tuesday night, we decided to make fried rice for dinner. I also really felt like making my “Hawaiian”-style fried rice to take for lunch the next day. No problem!

Fried rice, two ways

Ham, chopped into 1cm-ish cubes
A medium brown onion, chopped
A plump garlic or two, chopped
Green beans, chopped
Corn kernels
Cooked rice

In wok #1, fry onion and cubed ham.
Add mushrooms, green beans and garlic.
Fry until beans are no longer raw, but still crisp.
Add corn kernels.
Mix it all through really well.

It’s now that you split the mixture into two.

In wok #1
Add rice and flavourings – we used a fried rice packet mix (I think it was Asia at Home brand). Good old soy sauce or oyster sauce would be great as well.
Season to taste – we used a little black pepper.
Mix it all through.

In wok #2
Add rice and pineapple to the mixture.
Add black pepper and tomato sauce to taste.
Mix it all through.

For the omelette garnish:
Beat a couple of eggs in a bowl, seasoned with white pepper and soy sauce.
Heat a large frying pan on the stove. Make sure it’s well oiled or well oil sprayed.
When pan is hot, pour in the egg. Tilt pan and make the egg spread to cover all of pan’s surface.
When bottom is set, carefully flip egg – this can be tricky to do. What Jac does sometimes is use the spatula to cut the omelette into three or four pieces, and then she flips each piece.
When egg is cooked, slice into strips/pieces.
Garnish your fried rice.

Fried rice

So here was dinner – fried rice #1, topped with omelette.

Fried rice for dinner

They probably look quite similar, but the ham and pineapple rice is a touch more red, due to the tomato sauce. You have to like tomato sauce to like this fried rice version. I love tomato sauce.

Ham and pineapple fried rice

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