Steak and noodles

For dinner on Tuesday night we had steak and noodles. Jac had bought some Y-bone steaks, which she marinated in teriyaki sauce and garlic for a couple of days. She panfried them to medium, and they were beautifully tender. The meat had really absorbed the flavours of the marinade – no additional sauce was necessary. The noodles were organic soba ones we’d bought from Woolworth’s ages ago. They were very easy to prepare – the instructions on the package tell you to cook them in boiling water for three minutes if you going to stir-fry them, four minutes if you’re not going to stir-fry them. Jac stir-fried the vegies (English spinach, snow peas, mushrooms, onion, garlic and the carrot off-cuts leftover from Friday’s bento prep) with tamari (what is tamari?) and white pepper, then added the cooked (for three minutes) and drained noodles to the mixture, stirring it all until nicely mixed and hot. The noodles tasted fantastic. Another dish to cook again.

Teriyaki Y-Bone steak with stir-fried soba noodles

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