Hard-boiled egg makes woman squeal (Wednesday bento)

The hard-boiled egg molds (they are called “Easy Boiled Egg Shapers“) I ordered arrived last week. As you can see, I got four different ones – car, fish, bunny and bear.

My new hard-boiled egg molds - Easy Boiled Egg Shapers

How to use Easy Boiled-Egg Shapers:

  1. Hard-boil your egg.
  2. Peel the egg while it is still hot.
  3. Place the egg in the mold.
  4. Leave the egg in the mold in cold water for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Voila!

If you’re interested, you can buy these cute egg molds at J-Box:
Bunny and bear Easy Boiled Egg Shapers
Fish and car Easy Boiled Egg Shapers

I have to confess, I literally squealed with excitement and joy when I opened the mold up and saw this plump bunny face looking back at me.

Bunny hard-boiled egg mold - it works!

Jac was pleased to see how thrilled I was, but she said she’d rather not eat a hard-boiled egg that had a face! Heh. I guess I’ll keep bear and bunny for me and give her car. Not sure how she will feel about fish. :)

She didn’t need lunch on Wednesday as she had the day off and was planning to go shopping and grab a bite while she was out, so I just had to organise a bento lunch for myself.

So this is what I had- leftover beer battered chips (some of you may think this is gross or weird, but I love eating them cold!), mushroom, blanched sugar snap peas, hard-boiled egg, soy sauce (notice the bunny theme? :-P), sour gherkin pickles, baby cos and cherry tomatoes. I was a little paranoid about my egg “unbunnying” itself, so I’d left it in the egg shaper in the fridge overnight.

From my bento - bunny hard-boiled egg and other goodies

I packed my matching yellow chopsticks this time, as I’d need them. I ate the entire lunch cold. I always put my bento in the fridge as soon as I get to work, but I then take it out twenty minutes or so before and let it de-fridge a little before eating. I really enjoyed this meal. The noodles were a little slippery for those wee plastic chopsticks, but I managed. :)

My bento box

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