Thursday bento – with SPAM stars

It was only a matter of time before SPAM made an appearance in my bento box.

Last Thursday I only needed to make lunch for myself again. What a great excuse to use a SPAM Single for myself!

On the left: fried SPAM stars on rice, a strawberry and pinwheel sandwiches (2 x strawberry jam, 2 x kaya – that’s coconut jam – read Wikipedia entry on kaya). On the right: blanched sugar snap peas and baby cos lettuce leaves, which I folded neatly. I threw in a few cherry tomatoes and a paper cup’s worth of Jac’s vegetable medley (corn, peas and carrot).

I used a star-shaped metal cookie cutter on the SPAM Single to make the stars. I fried them until they were crisp on the top and bottom, then let them cool down completely before packing them in the bento box. I knew I’d probably feel like something sweet after eating the salty SPAM – I packed myself an enormous juicy strawberry and made pinwheel sandwiches – I flattened a couple of slices of bread with a rolling pin (actually, I used a salad shaker bottle we had in the cupboard as I couldn’t find our rolling pin), spread strawberry jam on one, kaya on the other, and then rolled them up and cut them in half so they’d fit in the bento box.

SPAM stars on rice, strawberry jam and kaya pinwheel sandwiches

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to let hot food items cool down completely before packing. The SPAM stars still had a deliciously crispy texture on the outside when I ate them at lunch time, with not a hint of sogginess in sight.

Having used the cookie cutter to make my stars I was left with SPAM off-cuts. I decided I may as well eat them, so I turned the stove back on and fried them up. I zapped myself a little rice and ate the SPAM and rice for my breakfast before jumping into the shower and getting ready for work. So yeah, that means I ate SPAM and rice for two meals on Thursday. :)

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