Friday food

I took a break from Bento last Friday.

J rang Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth) at 11am and asked if they had their nasi lemak special on. The answer was “yes”, so we went to Munch shortly after that, ready to devour nasi lemak. Clockwise, from the top left: chilli sambal, acar (pickled vegetables), fried ikan bilis (anchovies) and peanuts, otak otak, deep-fried hard-boiled egg and battered chicken wing (see links at the end of this post for further information about nasi lemak and its accompaniments). It was so good. I’d say that while we were there, more than half the customers were all eating nasi lemak. I wish Munch would just add it to the regular menu so we could have it any day of the week. :-P

Nasi lemak

When I got home from work that evening, dinner was just about ready – I’d mentioned to Jac that I’ve been craving spaghetti bolognese, and because she’s a sweetie, that’s exactly what she cooked. The bolognese sauce was bubbling away in the wok and it looked and smelled absolutely delicious. The pasta was wholemeal spaghetti, and the sauce had mushrooms and spinach in it. It was so tasty.

Spaghetti bolognese

Further information
The links below may give readers some idea about some of the food items mentioned in this post.
About nasi lemak
Ikan bilis
Otak otak

But the best thing to do when you come across a food item you’ve never heard of is:
google it.

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