Cupcakes for the animals

Last Monday, my workmate R turned up to work with cupcakes which she’d made to sell for RSPCA Cupcake Day.

Cupcakes for RSPCA Cupcake Day

There were three kinds of cupcake – hazelnut (iced with Nutella and garnished with whole hazelnuts), lemon (topped with cream cheese icing and Hello Kittie lollies) and chocolate chip cookie (topped with crumbled up cookies and chocolate Tiny Teddy biscuits). R said she’d made more of the Tiny Teddy-topped ones, but her family had devoured most of them. Heheheh. That’s a benefit of being related to the baker.


We all thought they were absolutely gorgeous. For $2 each, they went like cupcakes!



I bought two hazelnut cupcakes. One for me, which I ate pretty much immediately, and one which I took home for Jac. It was a hazelnut lover’s naughty sweet dream. When I look at the glossy Nutella slathered on top of the cupcake I just want to lick it all over again. I’ve loved Nutella ever since I was a kid. I don’t have it very often these days.

Hazelnut cupcake

I bought a lemon cupcake to have later in the day, after lunch. I wouldn’t normally eat two cupcakes in a day, but this was for a good cause, after all. :) The Hello Kitty lolly was a kind of citrus-flavoured jube.

Lemon cupcake with Hello Kitty

I didn’t have a choc chip cookie cupcake, but J kindly allowed me to photograph hers. :)

Choc chip cookie cupcake

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