Jac’s Monday bento

I returned to work last Monday after my week off. I didn’t feel like having a bento lunch, but Jac was keen on having sandwiches, so I made her a sandwich bento box to take to work.

In addition to the sandwiches, I included a quick salad of English spinach, rocket, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumber, and packed a mini Babybel cheese, a few Jatz crackers and strawberries.

Jac's bento

The sandwiches I made were:

  • Cheese, mango chutney, dill pickle and English spinach (this was her favourite of the lot)
  • Satay chicken, mayonnaise, cucumber and rocket
  • Swiss cheese, ham, mayonnaise and wholegrain mustard
  • Ham, roasted vegetable chutney and mild English mustard

Sandwiches close-up

Here’s the note I put in Jac’s lunch box:

Bento note

It was a very successful lunch – Jac devoured the lot.

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